Song: Give me your heart

“Give me your heart” (In Spanish: Dame tu corazón) is the title I gave to the song I wrote as after receiving a lot of graces during the month of Mary a couple years ago.

At that time, my life was very different from how it is today. The Lord and Our Blessed Mother were not important to me, faith was something that I had put aside a long time back, the spiral of sin in which I had been stuck for years was falling deeper and deeper... I came to think that, because of the lifestyle that I had, it was impossible to go back. I saw were I was and couldn't find the strength to get out.

When I was little I was very afraid of the sea. And not because nothing had happened to me, but because I had heard that when a whirlpool forms near you, it drags you down and it is almost impossible to survive. Reflecting on my life, I seemed to be in the middle of that whirlpool. A lot of people wanted to help me get out of where I was, but nobody could do it; and that's how I gave up, and stopped swimming, stopped fighting. I preferred to let myself be carried away: all was already lost.

But the Virgin Mary never gives up on her children. She is the Mother who never loses hope. She saw me in the whirlpool. And she threw herself in to pull me out.

When the month of May was about to begin, a good friend of mine invited me to go with her to Mass. Naturally, I refused, but at her insistence I gave in and went, but with an attitude of indifference. That was the first great victory of Our Lady, and I see her intercession in my friend's insistence.

A lot of things happened at that Mass that gave me a strong desire to get leave the life I was in. I wanted to get out of the whirlpool and swim again, but inside I struggled with the idea that I had tried so many times already and couldn't do it. In the midst of this interior battle, I looked up and saw an image of the Immaculate Conception. I remembered some lines from a poem by Saint Bernard that says that she is that star in the darkest night that can guide you, and that there is no one who, asking for help, has been ignored. And I thought: “I'll ask her for help, she might listen to me. This is my last chance.”

Because of the life I led and my conscience weighing on me, it seemed impossible to speak to God. I was ashamed to look at the tabernacle, but I was able to speak to Our Lady, and I asked for her help: “If you really are my Mother, show it… Help me to get out of where I am, I can't; sometimes I feel like I don't even want to leave, but I'm dying… ” I had the certainty that she would take care of me, as if someone were hugging me in the middle of the whirlpool and saying: "I already have you, you are mine." Normally, when a rescuer reaches out to the person in danger to help them, he gives them instructions on what to do to get out of there alive. The Virgin Mary asked me something at that moment. The certainty that she would help me was followed by a single request: Daily Mass during the month of May. And that’s what I did. In a very delicate way, she slowly pulled me out of the whirlpool. When the month of May ended, my life was different. Returning to the faith, communion, the life of grace… it was a revival. The Lord has done so much through the intercession of Mary in my life, and continues to do so.

The song is a prayer to Mary which speaks about my experience that May: the prayer that is always heard, her help in times of need, seeing her as a sure way to reach the Lord; but above all, knowing that She is my Mother.

Give me your heart is the prayer that blossomed in my soul as the days of May passed.  Through the song I contemplated her like a child who studies her mother’s every movement in order to imitate her, love her and be like her.

A little over two years have already passed, and as time goes by I understand more and more that in order for her to give me her heart, I have to give her mine. And what does she want it for? For two things: first, if it is injured or dirty, she will heal and clean it; and second, to give it to the Lord. That is the Virgin Mary, she always seeks to be that bridge that unites us to God.

Do not be afraid to give your whole heart to Our Lady. She will put her own heart in its place. Ask her to give you her purity, her generosity, her strength and her fidelity. She will do it all.

If you are in a moment of darkness, or it seems that sin has thrown you into a whirlpool from which you cannot get out, remember: "Look at the star, invoke Mary." She is the sure way.

See the translation of the song here

-Mayra Rodríguez,  HM Ecuador