Live your Life

“Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation.” – Aristotle

“We all have a vocation. We believe that God has placed us in this life to fill a special need that no one else can accomplish.” – St. Francis de Sales

What are you going to do with your life? What are your plans? Have you ever thought about surrendering your entire existence to Christ? God calls us in different ways. Some of His callings are the same for everyone while others are specific callings.

The first call that God makes is the same for everyone, and it’s the call to LIFE. We are all in this life because God has willed it. No one is left over. No one is here by chance. God has thought of you and has caused you to be born for something…

The second call that God wants all of us to reach is the call to HOLINESS. God wants all men to be holy and to reach the knowledge of the truth. To be a saint is nothing other than to go to Heaven at the end of your life here on earth, and for that you have to make the most of this life in such a way that you can reach the goal that God wants for you. The call to holiness is for all mankind and in particular to all Christians. It’s not a privilege for some. It’s not just for those who feel like superheroes. It’s a calling for all the baptized and that God, with His grace, helps us to reach.

The third call is a particular calling. God calls each to be a saint by a different path. It’s the SPECIFIC VOCATION THAT GOD WANTS FOR EACH ONE OF US. To go to Heaven, to be a saint, God has a specific path for us, a plan of life – a vocation. To discover my calling in life is fundamental for fulfilling the plan that God has thought of for me for all eternity; it’s the path marked out for me so that I can become as holy as God wants me to be and to reach Heaven in the quickest and most perfect way, thus giving more Glory to God.

During the time of youth, it’s important to ask yourself, or better yet, ask God who is the One who created me: What is the plan You have for me? What is my path, my particular calling, my specific vocation to go to Heaven? What is the mission that you want me to fulfill on earth and with which I can reach fulfillment as a person?

What is God calling you to? Many young people are afraid to ask God what He wants from them because they’re afraid that what He could ask is greater than what they’re capable of on their own or because it doesn’t coincide with their own plans. Here, it’s fundamental to have an attitude of generosity, of openness to the Will of God, of giving your all, which is so characteristic of young people.

How can I know what God wants for my life? He wants to reveal what He expects of you and He’ll do it if He sees that you have the disposition of fulfilling His will. 1) Desire to listen to Him 2) Tell God about your desire to fulfill His will 3) Prepare yourself to listen to His answer 4) Learn to recognize the voice of Jesus: through events, other people, the Scriptures, etc.

Then, once we know what God’s will is for us, we should ACT, trusting in Him.


1. Have I ever thought about my vocation? Do I believe God has a specific mission or vocation in mind for me?

2. Am I afraid to ask God what His will is for me? If so, why?

3. Have I ever thought that the only way to find my true purpose in life is to ask the One who created me?

4. Do I realize that my personal desires may or may not coincide with God’s will for me? Do I think that God is out to ruin my life, or do I believe that He alone can give me the happiness my heart seeks?

5. What are the duties I have in my current state of life? Do I realize that by doing what I’m meant to do now, I am already fulfilling my vocation?