Each has their own story

Every vocation in the Church begins in the same way, although it’s lived differently in each person.  That’s part of the reason why you can’t just take a survey or aptitude test to see what vocation is yours.  Your vocation is meant to be discovered by you alone and end with you finding the pearl of great price.
You must first discover the person of Jesus.  When you go out to meet Him, He makes you more aware of His presence.  He provokes and according to your response, a dialogue ensues.  More than words, this dialogue expresses itself in love.  He calls you by name, waiting to hear from you the same words Samuel spoke: “Here I am.”  Then gradually, He leads you to discover in a practical way, how we should serve Him.  “I am sending you out.”  He sends you out and it is here that fears and doubts may come to disturb you.  But no need to worry since He assures us: “Do not be afraid.  I am with you always.”
Because your vocation is yours, it is forged and discovered in that dialogue of love that exists only between you and Jesus.  He only asks for you to open your heart so that He can fill it and lead you to true happiness.  Your vocation works itself out in time.  It’s a continual discovery that doesn’t really end until the day you die.  More than doing something with your life, it’s about becoming who God created you to be – something that doesn’t just happen in a day, but rather in a lifetime.  What’s left for you to do is to go out and discover it… and when you find it, it’s worth selling all you have.