Is there a way to be totally sure about my vocation?

It can happen that in the process of discernment, you find yourself on the threshold of what seems to be “very clear” and maybe “not so clear” evidence of a certain vocation.  You should think, though, that if Providence has guided you so far to have such an experience and there’s no major obstacle in the way, your prayer should be not only for God to give you more light but also to give you a greater desire to conform your will to His.  

You see, to discern well requires much more than a passive attitude of waiting for God’s will to be shown to you and then you robotically responding.  The path of our life isn’t predetermined, rather it depends on our will to choose and participate in what God goes revealing as His plan for us.  There are different factors that come into play and just like people take certain things into measure for what kind of job they want to have, the same goes for your vocation.  

What qualities do you possess?  Are there any impediments that could point you in another direction?  What is it that you will?  Certainty in our decisions doesn’t just come, we have to make it happen to by willing something.  But most importantly, you should ask yourself what is your disposition is.  Do you have the right intention and are you really trying to listen to God?  Simply that would be enough, along with your faith and trust in God that He won’t ever abandon you, to be able to take the next step.