How do I know if I have a vocation?

The truth is that this question isn’t really all that important. The real question you should be asking yourself is: what is my vocation?

You see, everyone has a vocation to something because God has a plan for each and every person. Every Christian has the common vocation to holiness – to encounter God and follow Jesus Christ by close imitation of Him. Some vocations are more demanding and perhaps because they require such a great commitment, you may be more drawn to it even if it does scare you a little.

But the important thing is not what you consider to be the “best” vocation or whether it seems difficult or easy for you. Rather, ask yourself: what does God want from me? Ultimately, the best for vocation for you is the one that God wants for you. To be certain about your vocation normally doesn’t happen until after you’ve already made steps in faith by responding to what you God has called you to.

Only when you begin to take steps in generosity does God light up the next step gradually filling your soul with a sense of greater security. This works just as much for those who discover that they have a religious vocation as with those who are called to matrimony. Only after a period of serious discernment, when you’ve already made the leap of commitment through courtship or discernment with a religious community or seminary, for example, are you able to see with greater clarity if it is the path for you or not.