How does God speak?

God can speak in many ways – remember: He’s God and so we can’t put limits or restrict the way in which He chooses to reveal Himself or His plans to us.  He can come into my life unexpectedly and through huge events but He can also speak subtly and in the ordinary events of everyday life.  

It’s important to pay attention God’s interaction in your life.  He can speak to you through different events and circumstances, through people, things you read or see... and so you have to train yourself to seek God.  It’s also important to establish a true friendship with Jesus Christ.  You shouldn’t limit your relationship to Him from what you’ve read about Him in books or what others have told you about Him; rather, you need to cultivate and deepen your personal friendship with Him.  Only through a loving relationship with God can you begin to discover what He’s asking of you.

You also should examine who you are and what possibilities exist for you.  You need to be brave with regards to what God can ask of you but you also have to learn to be humble, trusting, and open to Him.  Accept the help you have from good friends and family and look to Holy Mother Church for guidance.  You need fortitude to face the challenges that await you but you also need to trust that you are not alone and that God is with you, accompanying you along the way.