Words can change everything

What seems to be a day like any other can dramatically change the life of a person. Take for example, Matthew the tax collector. There he was working like any other day at his post when Jesus passes by him and says, “Follow me.” Jesus’ presence changes everything. He asks for a total surrender of all that Matthew was and had.  What does Matthew do?  He arises from his post and follows Him. 

This scene, in some way, has repeated itself over the course of time in the lives of many people. In the midst of a seemingly ordinary activity, the Lord calls.  God gives the vocation and the necessary lights to be able to perceive it. What you need to do is make straight the path, go out to His encounter through prayer and a right way of living. 

Look inside your heart where maybe for some time you have had the slight inkling that you have been called to something great.  Have you ever thought that maybe God was speaking to you?  Maybe it was through a book, through a friend or family member, or even amidst the ordinary circumstances of every day. Maybe He’s been speaking to you for a while and you just haven’t noticed it yet like the disciples on the road to Emmaus. Only through prayer were they able to discover that the Lord had been with them the whole time.  He was the reason for why their hearts burned within them.

And you – are there any words that have impacted you lately, without you even knowing why? What is it in the depths of your soul that makes your heart burn within you? What is it that fills you with true joy? Have you ever thought that maybe it was Jesus Christ?  Even amidst the monotony of everyday life, God could be calling you. What may seem to be just a coincidence, could in fact be more than that.

Granted, you shouldn’t interpret every little thing as a sign from God that is telling you what to do.  But it’s also true that nothing that happens to you is mere coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. God guides every one of your steps and is helping you to discover the meaning of your life. He is speaking and guiding you, urging you on to generosity. He does it little by little and the more generous you are, the clearer you will perceive His will for you.