How do I know if God is calling me?

How do you know if God’s calling you? Well, to state it simply there’s no exact recipe, no set formula. As much as you would like to google it, you’ll never find the perfect answer. Your vocation is as personal and unique as your fingerprint. God never has the same exact plan for any two people.  He calls in many different ways, just like there are many countless ways that people fall in love.   

Sometimes, God gives His grace in an intense and very clear moment, like with St. Paul. Others perceive God’s plan for from the time they are very young although they don’t fully understand it until later, like St. Catherine of Siena or St. John Bosco. God can speak to us in many ways, with big or small signs, in clear or subtle circumstances. The normal thing, though, is that He will not write His will for you in the sky, and most likely not in the way that you imagine. Where does God want you?  What does He want you to do? You have to fine tune your spiritual hearing through prayer and by begging the Holy Spirit to give you light.

Your calling is personal and so is your decision. However, it’s always a good idea to know how to listen to the advice and counsels of someone you can trust. Sometimes, it’s easier to see things more objectively from the outside. It’s not that someone on the outside can tell you what your vocation is, but rather he/she can help you to reflect on the events and things of your life with greater clarity. That’s why it’s important to find a good spiritual director, and even more importantly, knowing how to receive that person’s counsel.