Sincerity: Be Who You Are

It can be complicated at times to express ourselves, to be who we really are—especially if that means that we will stand out amongst our friends. Sometimes we become so careful, that in the end, we don't really express what we feel inside. Our life and the way we live it can become deceiving. Some people call it "wearing a mask" or "not being yourself." We end up measuring the way we act and everything we do and say, searching for our own convenience.

Sincerity is the virtue that allows us to freely express ourselves to others without deception. It allows us to be who we are in a natural way. If we are sincere, we don’t seek to create a false image of ourselves. We can act, think, and feel freely, without trying to be someone else. 

It is a true gift to actually live this way, and surround your life with others who are sincere. It seems like more and more people are searching to be someone else, instead of being who God made them to be. St. John Paul II said, “Become who you are.” Who you are, not who others are, or who others want you to be.  In reality, living in a sincere and natural way is very attractive to others. They see that you have something they don’t: the courage to be yourself without worrying what others think or say.  Everyone wants that deep down inside, but there are many too cowardly to live up to it.

In order to live this, you have to spend time in prayer, to get to know who Christ has made you to be. To ask Him for the strength to not turn your back on his plan just because living like everyone else looks more attractive. Although it looks more attractive, to leave His idea for you behind would be living a lie. Live in the Truth; be sincere with yourself and others.