On Acquiring Virtue

Virtue can only be acquired by constantly working, every day, little by little. No one goes on an expedition to the Himalayas before previously starting their hiking career on a much less strenuous trail. You have to gradually build muscle on muscle, starting off small and working your way over time to greater acheviements.

The same rule applies to virtue. While it is true that every person has some virtue that comes easier than others to them like a natural virtue; if we do not constantly work on living it in every situation where it applies, we can lose that facility to the certain virtue. If that is the case with our so called “natural virtue” even more so with any virtue we are trying to work on.

We need to be attentive to the moments when little opportunities present themselves, to practice virtue. If we miss it, there goes and opportunity to grow stronger. Sometimes people dream or imagine that if they were given a life or death scenario to save someone else’s life over their own, they would be able to respond in a heroic and courageous manner. Nice dream, right? In reality, if you haven’t been making little steps every day to put others likes, wants, and desires (as long as they are good) before your own, then you will never be able to respond in more drastic situations. The great type of virtuous responses we all want to react with cost the everyday struggle.