The Key to Virtue

Virtue is the middle ground, the happy medium between two extremes. A person who is courageous knows when they must act, and they do so without fear, but with prudence, looking for the good of the other. They are neither a coward nor are they too risky. But there is a key to living virtue, it can be considered the most important factor.

The key to really acquiring and living the virtues is love. Love has to be the basis of our desire. If not, we will live the virtues as merely human improvements. And they are more than just that. They are tools that help us grow in union with others and with God.

Only love can move us to truly examine ourselves without fear to recognize our vices and sins, in order to work towards overcoming them with virtue. And we look to overcome them because we see how it is a necessary good for the others and our relationship with God; to serve and love them better. See, it is more than just becoming a better person.

If you look at any virtue, you will be able to see how the first step is that we must forget about ourselves. We have to turn our mind and heart to the others to see how we can serve them. As a result, when we serve our neighbor we are serving God.

So when working on virtue, don’t start off only by asking Christ to help you obtain that virtue. Ask Him to fill your heart with a greater love for God and neighbor. And with this love you will receive the desire to live the virtues.