Fortitude: Lord give me strength

You have decided to stay pure in mind, body and soul. You are tired with what you have seen in relationships, if you can even call them that, of people using one another for pleasure. You are going to live life differently. You are going to wait to give your life to the right person in marriage. But how can you stay pure and true to your resolution with everything that is on TV, the magazines in the grocery store, the music on the radio, the way other people are dressing all around you, which threatens your purity?

What you want to do is ask the Lord for strength, you need the virtue of fortitude. Fortitude is the virtue that helps us walk on the path towards the good, and to overcome the obstacles that we confront on this path. Lord, give me strength; give me fortitude to remain pure! 

Obviously, you need fortitude for any good resolution you have made, not just for purity. You might make the resolution to be kind to others, always. Lord, give me strength to treat everyone with love! And you start on your path by smiling at everyone, always saying a kind word, not gossiping. Until one day you didn’t get enough sleep and you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and you feel a little under the weather. Now your patience is wearing thin and the first person that greets you in the morning is your roommate who says “Good morning! How did you sleep? Can you remember to take out the trash when you leave?” Lord, give me strength to stay kind!! Lord, give me strength to overcome the obstacles I am feeling now…a headache, tiredness, impatience. I have made a promise to you; help me live it!

To live a virtuous and holy life, we need to ask the Lord for fortitude. Especially now, when living certain virtues seems almost heroic because the rest of society looks down upon them like purity, modesty, honesty, faithfulness.

Lord, give me the strength; give me fortitude to be holy!

"The Act of fortitude is two fold, to attack and to endure." St. Thomas Aquinas

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