Be it Done unto Me

There was a moment in my life when God asked me something that resulted in a complete change of tracks.  Never did I think that this was something He was going to ask of me. God had shown me His will for my life, I had found it and started on the track to pursue it; and as a matter of fact I was perfectly content with it. 

When the time came when the Lord desired to show me His will for me in this new way I did not understand it and, to be honest, I did not want it. Over that following year God taught me three things that I think are worth sharing and that's why I wanted to write this article.

The first is this; humility. “Be it done unto me according to your will.” There are moments that are easy to say this, when God's will tends to be in accord with your natural likes but how about those moments that go completely contrary to your desires? These moments are when God presents you with a situation to lower yourself before Him and authentically say “God, not my will but YOURS alone.” These are precious moments that you don't want to lose. These moments help you to grow in a true humility; of denying your self-love and placing God as most important in your life. Afterall, without humility what worth does the practice of all other virtues have?

The second is this, God knows best. Over time, what first was a cross slowly started to become a greater interior freedom and gratitude in my heart. I thought what I was pursuing not only was the will of God but where my heart's greatest desires were fulfilled. My heart was not free to be who God created me to be even though I sought something good and beautiful. Thanks be to God that we have such a tender Father who knows our hearts perfectly and is always trying to lead us to His will, which is ultimately the fulfillment of our hearts greatest desires. 

 Last, and the most important in my eyes, our hearts should always belong to Him alone. Our hearts ought to be always, totally, and only for Him; who is our Creator and God. Whether we are called to religious life or marriage, whether we die young or live a long life, whether we are successful or poor. We must love God completely and above all things and from that love, love for neighbor will come; as a wise woman once told me. One way of life or the other does not call for a greater or lesser degree of loving God with an undivided heart. Rather He says to all “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and strength,” “and that we cannot serve two masters.” We can carry this out most perfectly by truly doing whatever He asks of you, big or small. In doing His will you can love Him most perfectly with a virginal and pure heart.

 So I will start ending this with the words of a wise saint, Saint Rafael Arnaiz ,“Only you Lord! Only you!” Only God knows what is best for us. Only God knows the deepest desires He has placed in our hearts. But it is only up to you and to me, if we are to renew our Fiat when His plans are different then we had expected. May our Blessed Mother help us to renew our Fiat with the generosity and strength that she did at the foot of the cross.

-Lexi Buckner, HMY, United States