The Non-Allegory of the Cave

The philosopher Plato, known for his beard, speaks in his work Republic of the "Allegory of the Cave." There he describes a cave from which one must leave in order to see the light. The cave symbolizes darkness, the foolish ignorance of those who do not want to leave their blind comforts to reach the light of Truth.

In a similar, although far more important way, we are transported to another cave that does not belong to an allegory or a myth, but to the most real of truths. It is also a cold, dark, and dirty cave, where mud and filth reign.

It is the cave of Bethlehem. The poorest and humblest place, where the mere idea of sleeping there was unthinkable. And there, in the midst of that darkness, God wants to be born. He becomes a helpless creature in order to come close to us and save us from condemnation. Isn't it incredible? A Child who is God, is born poor so as to enter into our souls with His pure gaze of love. This Child enters the cave and turns that dark and cold stable into a glorious palace of light and warmth, of innocence and hope.

What would Joseph and Mary have thought when faced with God's will? How could the Virgin give birth, in such an unworthy place, to the King of kings? But they humbly accepted God's will and prepared and cleaned the cave as much as possible so that the Child Jesus could be born.

Is this a myth or something that happened a long time ago? No. It is real and present: that Child wants to be born in the stable of your soul, in the darkened cave of your heart... He wants to give you the light of joy and the warmth of His love. He wants to change your cold, dark heart for a new one full of fire, that sets other hearts ablaze with the flames of love and true peace and happiness, which can only—yes, only—be found in that poor little Child whose name is Jesus.

But you have to open the door of your cave to Him, so that He can enter like a rushing torrent and wash away all that filth. Through a good confession, by forgiving your sins, may He purify you so that you may receive Him in Holy Communion, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, in the Holy Mass. Ask Our Lady to help you and prepare you to receive her Son well, so that the innocent child Jesus may be truly born in you.


Javier Samino

My name is Javier Samino, I am from Toledo and I am a young enthusiast of the Home of the Mother. I was born into a very Catholic family, and I am the fourth of six siblings. Honestly, it is awesome to be able to spend so much time with them.
Since I was born, Our Blessed Mother has always guided me. Even though at times I didn't want to listen, I always had my parents there to give me a couple of smacks on the head to help me get back on track.
Thanks to their efforts and to God's mercy, the times I have stumbled—which have been quite a few—I have always had a reason to get back up. And since I'm a wimp and I can’t do it on my own, my Momma, the Virgin Mary, is always there to help me. So, thanks to Her, we're still in the fight.