A Leader of Kings

It's pretty normal to have the idea in our heads of a king as this powerful person, with a golden crown and scepter, a nice red cape, a deep voice, who rules with an iron fist. 
All of us, at some point of our lives, have wanted to be kings probably not thinking of the work that goes into being one, but rather of our idea of what it means to be a king. In this sense, my grandfather used to say to me, “You live like a king.” But….what is it that makes one truly a king?

According to the dictionary, what makes one a king is that he must stand out and be the most important.

Neither Ramses II, nor Constantine I, not even the powerful queen of England, Elizabeth II, lived up to this definition. The only thing that stood out in them was their material wealth that came along with their title, so it wasn't even really theirs.

On the other hand, Christ completely breaks this idea that we have of a king and lives up to this definition to the letter. He was born poor and died poor, without any wealth or castles, not even a cape. The only thing that resembles our definition is his crown, but it was made of thorns.

But what kind of a King is He? He serves those around Him as if they were His younger brothers and sisters, teaches humbly, and reminds us of the true laws. He is a King who loves madly, is firm when necessary, and follows the will of God until death. He is the King who saved all of humanity by dying on a cross.

That's pretty incredible, right? 

“That's great,” you might say, “but it's water under the bridge… We have to move with the times. It's outdated, not cool nowadays. And on top of that, didn't you say He died?”

Look, Christ died and rose from the dead, and He is just as present now as when He was here in the flesh.

“Yeah, He might be out there, but I can't see, touch, or feel Him...”

What do you mean you can't? Go to Mass, at your parish church or wherever you can. What's important is that in that beautiful little box lit up with candles Christ is hidden Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, and He is there for you. With just a good confession with a priest you can receive Him in Holy Communion. Think about it… the King of Kings in you.

What more do you want? Do it!

Javier Samino

My name is Javier Samino, I am from Toledo and I am a young enthusiast of the Home of the Mother. I was born into a very Catholic family, and I am the fourth of six siblings. Honestly, it is awesome to be able to spend so much time with them.
Since I was born, Our Blessed Mother has always guided me. Even though at times I didn't want to listen, I always had my parents there to give me a couple of smacks on the head to help me get back on track.
Thanks to their efforts and to God's mercy, the times I have stumbledwhich have been quite a fewI have always had a reason to get back up. And since I'm a wimp and I can’t do it on my own, my Momma, the Virgin Mary, is always there to help me. So, thanks to Her, we're still in the fight.