You can’t concentrate on God in the midst of noise

You don’t concentrate in prayer? You don’t advance spiritually as you would like to? Have you asked yourself why?

Maybe there is too much noise in your life. It is important to have a fixed time each day to be with Jesus, preferably in front of the Tabernacle. You devote time to each thing in your life: during study time, you study; in the time to play, you play. In the same way, the time for prayer is for praying. It has to be a sacred time for you.

Nobody messes with my prayer time! It must be, along with Mass, the most important time of your day. It is a time to be alone with Him and have that necessary intimacy with Christ. Alone with Christ alone.

Before you walk into the chapel, it is good to stop and think: “Now your prayer time is going to begin. You’re not going to think about anything else.” Empty yourself of worldly things. Have the intention to not think about upcoming exams. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to turn down the volume outside and to turn up the volume inside and to help you open your heart. Also, ask Our Mother to teach you how to love her Son more and more every day. Tell Her that you wish to be with Him.

But first of all... are you in the state of grace? Go to confession and cleanse your soul thoroughly. Examine your conscience every night. This will help a lot and bring you closer to the Lord. You will see that, in this way, it will be easier for you to pray and you will desire prayer more. Make a good resolution to change and move forward. 

Ask Jesus and Mary every night, “Did I make you happy today?” Listen to what they tell you, look inside of you, review the day... Kiss your crucifix, not just once but all throughout the day. Love the cross, think of the crucified Lord, so poor, so alone... Are you doing this already and still notice that you are not advancing?  

I'll tell you clearly... you know perfectly well what’s going on even though you try to ignore it and make excuses... THE LORD IS ASKING YOU TO LEAVE BEHIND WHAT IS HARMING YOU AND TAKING YOU AWAY FROM HIM. Enough already. You have to grow up. That attitude does not help you. It makes you lose your freedom. It blinds you. You know perfectly well. Ask the Holy Spirit for help, talk to Him during the day and ask Him for strength.


Hello! My name is Elvira Vaqué. I am from Valencia (Spain), and I am currently studying nursing. I entered as member of the Home of the Mother of the Youth in 2018. A few months earlier, I went on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, and the Lord changed my heart. Though I was raised Catholic, my faith was weak and I did not have a personal relationship with the Lord. Before, I considered the saints quite distant, belonging to the past and extinct. How stupid! We are all called to become saints, and that should be our goal. In our day to day, we should ceaselessly strive for holiness. I am very weak, and this is obviously not a walk in the park. Though it can be difficult and tiring at times, as someone once told me, “To love is to give of oneself...” How true! I often fall, but I know that the Lord is there to pick me up and help me. Now He is the one who guides my life. The Lord is so good, and He loves us so much! Pray for me, that the Lord may keep me faithful and give me strength, because if it all depended on me… bad news.