The Eucharist isn't "holy bread"

Lately, I have been reflecting on the Eucharist using the book Maria, Camino de Perfection (Mary, Way of Perfection), by Santiago Martín.

We often approach or talk about the Eucharist as if it were a mere concept, a spiritual nourishment, or perhaps even as the engine of our soul. Although this is all true, the Eucharist is much more than that. As Santiago Martín says in his book, “the Eucharist is first and foremost a Person: the living Son of God and Son of Mary, true God and true man.”

If we forget this essential truth and reduce the Eucharist to a mere nourishment, holy bread, or something that we need and that helps us, we are in a sense treating God as an object.

You can benefit from a food or not, but in any case, the consequences of eating always fall on you. However, when you decide to stop participating in the Holy Mass, when you decide to stop receiving the Eucharist it not only has consequences in your soul.  The Heart of Jesus suffers desolation and loneliness. God waits for you on the altar. He relives his Passion for you, and you don't even want to go.

When a Christian begins to understand what the Eucharist is, if he truly believes, or at least desires to believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the obvious consequence is that he will want to go to Mass every day. If I believe that God Himself descends from Heaven and offers Himself in sacrifice for me, to enter into my heart and give me His love, I cannot but try to go to Mass on other days besides Sunday. And, of course, I wouldn’t consider going to Mass on Sunday as an obligation but as an act of profound love and thanksgiving.

Communion is not only receiving Jesus to be nourished and strengthened by Him; it is also receiving Him to give Him the joy of a heart that wants to love, welcome, and console Him. Grant Him the joy of being with you. If you want to be with Him, imagine how much more He longs to be in your soul. He has been desiring it for all eternity.

When you receive Holy Communion, you allow Him to commune with you. When you do not receive Holy Communion, you exclude Him and reject His help. He wants to be with you and by your side to help and console you.

Finally, do not forget that Communion with Christ in the Eucharist must be accompanied by communion in faith, by accepting the norms established by the Church, and by communion in love, by receiving Holy Communion in the state of grace (free from mortal sin).

May our Blessed Mother help us approach the Eucharist and welcome her Son with the same respect, reverence, love, and thanksgiving with which she welcomed Him when she pronounced her “fiat” in the Annunciation.


Beatriz Fra

My name is Beatriz, I study nursing and I belong to the Home of the Mother Youth. A few years ago I took part in a mission trip to Ecuador where I realized the importance of Christ's real presence in my life. I had always been Catholic, but I was more centered on myself than on God. I realized that a life that doesn't give of itself starts to rot, and that living for myself alone, superficially, I was losing what God had given me until then. Seeing that the Lord had always been with me, that He loved me and suffered because of my lack of fidelity changed my life radically. It pushed me to want to go to Heaven by leaving my superficiality, struggling every day to be holy and to bring to others the great treasure I found. That is why I try to share the joy of the Faith with everyone, especially with young people, and one way of doing this is through this blog. Pray for me!