The eagle and the turtle

Centuries ago, Pliny the Elder, a Roman philosopher, wrote about how eagles grab turtles and raise very high before dropping them on the rocks. In this way they break their shell to eat them. If the turtle's shell is hard, the eagle repeats the same process until it achieves its aim.

Imagine the life of that turtle. Always crawling on the ground, without seeing or knowing much about his surroundings, when suddenly an eagle grabs him and begins to rise and rise. He shyly shows his head, and begins to discover a new world full of stunning views he could never have imagined. And the turtle thinks: "What a good friend I have in the eagle," happily rejoicing in the new friend he has found. All this until the eagle releases him and he begins to fall... The thing is that a turtle is not born to fly. He was happy because the eagle had taken him out of the "normal and mundane," but no one should be happy being between the claws of the enemy.

What can we learn from the eagle and the turtle?

Don't you think that the poor turtle is quite similar to many people today? They live happily with the "new advances": gender ideology, abortion, euthanasia, etc. They say: "We are no longer in the boring world that our grandparents lived in, we no longer have to submit to moral laws, not even to those of nature." They do not realize that without God we are nothing. The enemy wants to take away our identity as creatures made in the image of God, which is like a protective shell, to lose our soul forever.

-By Sr. Bernadette Clair, SHM