The Heart of Jesus looks at you, loves you... how do you respond?

Devotion to the Heart of Jesus is an immense treasure that God, in his infinite mercy, has given us. We hardly realize what this great devotion means for our lives.

Having devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is not like saying that we love a part of Jesus' body, like someone who likes his hand or his head. Rather, it is recognizing that Jesus Christ was a true man and, as a man, he had a heart. That human heart is in love with each one of us, including you and me. With infinite love, He seeks you, hopes that you look at Him, correspond to Him, and accept all the love that He wants to give you. It is a human love, but it is perfect, unconditional, and can do everything. And that human Heart suffers, like you and me. It is not insensitive to everything that happens to you, nor to our response to his love. Just as Jesus told Saint Faustina Kowalska, love demands just one thing: reciprocity.

Many times, when we speak of a person who is very good and who has many virtues, we say that he has a big heart. When talking about the Heart of Jesus, the same thing happens. All his goodness, mercy, love, fidelity, closeness… everything is there concentrated in his Heart and given to you daily in the sacrifice of his Body and his Blood. And why there? So that we feel his presence in a real way, so that his Body and Blood that flow from his Heart may be tangible for us when we receive Communion, and so that his humanity may be joined to ours and envelop us. 

Hopefully we recover the true devotion to the Heart of Jesus! Hopefully we will respond to this overflow of the Lord's love for each one of us. He has abased Himself so much in order for us to understand Him, love Him and let us simply be loved. Hopefully we can receive this love and give ours in each of our brothers and sisters in his mystical Body, the Church, in celebrating the Eucharist with true love and thanksgiving. Ask for forgiveness for so many Communions received with contempt or indifference, in which we let his Blood flow and do not accept the grace of his love. 

Let us ask the Virgin Mary to place in us her Heart. She, who was the Mother of Jesus, surely received from the Father, by consecrating Herself to Him, a Heart similar to her Son's. I wish this would happen in us! Let us not grow tired of seeking Jesus who looks at us, loves us and expects us to look at Him and dive into his love in an unconditional and permanent way.


Beatriz Fra

My name is Beatriz, I study nursing and I belong to the Home of the Mother Youth. A few years ago I took part in a mission trip to Ecuador where I realized the importance of Christ's real presence in my life. I had always been Catholic, but I was more centered on myself than on God. I realized that a life that doesn't give of itself starts to rot, and that living for myself alone, superficially, I was losing what God had given me until then. Seeing that the Lord had always been with me, that He loved me and suffered because of my lack of fidelity changed my life radically. It pushed me to want to go to Heaven by leaving my superficiality, struggling every day to be holy and to bring to others the great treasure I found. That is why I try to share the joy of the Faith with everyone, especially with young people, and one way of doing this is through this blog. Pray for me!