Custodians of beauty

What artists create has the ability to be beautiful and brilliantly inspiring, and with that comes a great responsibility. That responsibility consists in letting creation point at the ultimate Creator. This can be done in subtle yet profound ways, by creating true works of art that don’t  merely match the current norms but surpasses them in beauty and style. is a fairly new graphic design studio website. You can see some of its creations by visiting the website where you can find everything from great catholic t-shirts, posters, even music and some random funny objects. The t-shirts and posters were a favorite of the HMY website team.

The goal of the "Likable Art" team is to find new ways to use the media to speak of something greater. It was started by a Stuebenville University graduate and is run by a team of 4 young adults and himself. They help ministries and Catholic organizations further their mission through graphic design and short heartfelt films. They design for print or web.

They have a twofold mission: First of all to uplift Catholic organizations that are doing great things and help them make beautiful media that makes a cultural impact, and secondly to call our fellow Christian artists forth to better use their talents to glorify the ultimate Creator.

Speaking of talents… we’ll end this article remembering Jesus’ parable on talents. Look at what these young Catholics are doing with theirs... Their example of generosity should make us rejoice and ask ourselves if we are using our talents to give glory to God.