2 Types of “pray-ers”

We could say that there are two types of people:

Type A: A person who has firmly decided not to change his personal time prayer no matter what. He doesn’t say: "There's something else I have to do that’s more important," or "So and so wants to do something with me," etc. Only on very rare occasions will he put it off for later… for a higher reason, an emergency, or some unforeseen circumstance.

Type B: A person who has made only has a pseudo-resolution to be faithful to his time of prayer and who easily and frequently puts it off or skips it altogether. Such persons stop seeing the supernatural value and importance of prayer that surpasses all other things they have to do, and so they don’t make that much effort to be faithful. They think other things are more important, more urgent, that they are too busy.

Some consequences of type B: Mediocrity, gradual spiritual blindness, not being able to see things in their true light, one’s criteria becomes more human and worldly, a desensitized conscience or false conscience, and a danger of straying off the path and falling into an abyss.

Dear friend, which of these two categories do you want to belong to? Are you hesitant to respond?