Do you like worms?

Do you know there are saints that have been given the grace of seeing people’s souls and that sometimes they saw souls that were like rotting pieces of flesh swarming with maggots and worms? Personally, I would definitely not like to go walking around with pieces of rotting flesh falling off of me and maggots and worms crawling out of my rotting flesh. Not cool! I doubt that you would like it either…

If I added up all the time I spend worrying about my physical appearance and my physical health, I bet it would be a lot more than all the time and importance I put into cultivating virtues in my soul. So, in other words, I could be walking around with a rotting, worm-eaten soul and really not care, because the only thing that is important to me is that I look great (or so I think) on the outside.

Perhaps I’ve not reached such an extreme state, but maybe my soul just smells a little bad, or is a bit forgotten, under the weather, and messy. . .

Why don’t I give more importance to the health of my soul?

There have also been saints that have seen souls in the state of grace, and the beauty of such souls is beyond words. St. Teresa of Avila once saw a soul in grace, and, because of its glory and radiance, she thought she was seeing God Himself.

If you think about it, after your death, your body is eventually going to rot. But on the day you day, your soul is going to present itself before God! How am I going to present my soul to the Lord? Like rotting flesh? It’s something you should think about.

Ask Our Lady to help you give more importance to the state of your soul, to never forget that this life passes and that our souls are made for glory…. not for worms. Amen!