What are you looking for?

Dear Christian, dear apostle, dear friend… what are you looking for? Do you look for moments to be with God? Do you set aside some time during the day to be with Him? Do you try to take advantage of every opportunity to tell Him you love Him, ask Him for help, talk to Him, or just be with Him in the silence of your soul?  Do you desire these moments so much that you are constantly looking for them?

I’m going to assume that you already have a time set aside for prayer, mass, and the rosary each day, because that’s the first step. But throughout the day it is extremely important to take advantage of any free moment you have to be with the One who should be your greatest love.

Maybe we think we don’t have much “free time.” Ok, and how about when you’re in the car on your way to school or work? What are you doing, or listening to , or thinking about? Or even when you’re doing something else, stop for a second, only a moment, to remember that Jesus is in your soul and to tell Him that you love Him. Or when you’re waiting for a webpage to load online, you could be talking with Our Lady. How about when you have to get up and go to another room to get something, or go to make yourself a snack, a drink, coffee….etc.? Don’t you have enough time to say: “Jesus, I trust in you!”?

I could go on and on with examples, but each one of us needs to examine our day and find those moments that we might not be making good use of. Instead of letting your mind wander, think about stupid things, or worry about things that you can’t change, set your mind on Christ, Mary, the angels, the saints…. Until your entire day can turn into a continual dialogue with Heaven.

“Don’t forget that your first obligation is to remain with Christ!” –Saint John Paul II