Learn to accessorize (Part III)

I want to focus just for a second on this word: abhor. Abhor: to reject, detest, loathe, hate, despise, be repulsed by, be disgusted by. Now we can ask ourselves: Do I abhor, reject, detest, loathe, hate, and despise everything that the world loves? Am I repulsed and disgusted by the criteria of the world and sin?

Abhor what the world loves and love what Christ loves. Love it and look for it constantly, as your first priority and your grand occupation. Re-dress yourself with Christ. Put on Christ. Desire to live joyful with Christ joyful. Poor with Christ poor. Humble with Christ humble. Obedient with Christ obedient. Valiant with Christ valiant!

Hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good… Never slack in zeal.  (Romans 12:9-11)

Do I hate sin? Does it cause an automatic repulsion in me? Does sin disgust me as much as maggots and rotting flesh?

Do I cling to what is good? Or am I still desperately clinging to the criteria of the world, too coward and too weak to let go?

You have to get used to doing things that you might not “like” to do. It’s about time for you to mature and learn to say “no” to yourself and your likes, don’t you think?

Don’t forget that we are called to have the same feelings, the same thoughts, and the same criteria as Christ… and nothing less!

And who knew the thoughts, the feelings, and the criteria of Christ better than Mary, His Mother and Our Mother? Ask her to teach you to hate sin and reject all that is contrary to the Will of her most beloved Son!