Have you ever fallen in love?

Have you ever fallen in love?

No, this is not a silly question. So, have you? It would really be a shame if you went through your whole life without ever falling in love. The next question should be, WHO have you fallen in love with? This great girl, or that great guy?. . .

No one can live without a solid and strong love in their life. But, nowadays, where can you find that love? Let be honest, you don’t find it that often. And sometimes, looking for that love, we give our heart like pieces of candy to be tasted, enjoyed, and forgotten. Our heart is not meant to be given in pieces, our heart is meant to be given in its entirety…to be filled in its entirety.

Who can love me with a love that is never based on pleasure and never forgetful? Whose love is always solid and strong and faithful? Whose love can say to me, I want you to be with me forever therefore you will never die?  Who holds me constantly in their heart? Whose love for me holds me in existence? And if that wasn’t enough…Whose love for me is so strong that they would be willing to be tortured until their entire body turned into an open wound… who would have their body nailed to a piece of wood like you would nail a sign to a post? Who gave their life for me so that I could live?   

…Do you understand, to what kind of love He calls you?

My human heart, demands to be filled with a love that can fill it entirely, so that, from the abundance of that love, I can love others, in whatever vocation. And There is only one Source for that Love.

"O Lord, our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”- St. Augustine

Isn’t it about time that we fall in love with the One who loved us first?. . .