It Takes Work!

Mental prayer takes work. It takes work because you have to detach yourself from everything that's not God, put yourself in His presence and stop thinking about all those other things that aren't important. It's work trying to not get distracted, and when you get distracted it's work to put yourself on the right path again.

It's work because sometimes we won't feel like being there. This is sometimes a consequence of our mediocrity and our denial of small things to God (or big things); or it can also be a test of love, to see if we are faithful to our prayer life because we “feel good” and receive consolations or if we are faithful out of pure love for God and the desire to be with Him and make Him happy.

When this happens we can say “Lord, right now, I can't pray, but I will kneel down here before you to show you that I love you and that I want to pray.” Make small acts of faith, hope, and love. "Jesus I believe you are in front of me in the Eucharist, Jesus I trust in you, Jesus I love you…" Say it, simply and humbly repeat it, put your heart before Him, at His feet, tell Him that it's all His, that He can take it and do whatever He wants with it. And patiently await His grace, His mercy and His strength.

Keeping working and keep fighting because the reward is God Himself! But remember, without Him we can't do anything, so be faithful and let God work in you without putting any obstacles in His way.

“I am your shield; your reward shall be very great.” Genesis 15:1