Results of spiritual laziness

I could have spiritual laziness in wanting to make an effort to lift my heart to God, disordered affection for others, roughness and outbursts, impatience, anger, whims, being controlled by the pleasure of my senses, the desire for comfort, indulgence, the facility to complain about others or talk about their defects, , distraction, superficiality, curiosity that has nothing to do with the glory of God, gossip, useless conversation, vain love of and delight in myself, judging others harshly, despising others, criticizing their conduct, talking too much, anxiousness to be esteemed and praised, always making known what I like and what I don’t like, presumption, pride, thinking I’m better than others, stubbornness, jealousy, lack of respect, disorder and lack of mortification in what I eat and drink, etc… etc….

How many voluntary venial sins and imperfections enslave me and rob me from the abundant graces that God has reserved for me since all eternity. My lack of guarding my heart can paralyze Jesus’ work in me. In these moments when the “kingdom of heaven suffers violence” (Mt. 11:12), I need to act with violence against these sins and imperfections. I need to keep watch over my heart and rectify my intention when I fall out of weakness. Satan will try to take ownership over my heart to make it weak and to lead it astray.

Sometimes the times we say we fall out of weakness we probably might not have fallen if we had been more vigilant and fought our spiritual battle better. Or simply said, if I had more love for God. I could be accumulating a terrific amount of expiation for purgatory for my lack of effort and voluntary venial sins and imperfections. And even though I might not have fallen into mortal sin it could be just around the corner… Have you ever thought about this?

hna kelai

My name is Sister Kelai Maria, I am a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother since 2007. I was born in Arizona (USA) but have also lived in Oregon, Alaska, Florida, Spain, and Ireland. I am a convert to the Catholic faith and found my vocation shortly after my conversion. Every day I thank Jesus that I am His and that I am a Servant Sister. All of eternity will not be enough to thank Him for saving me and for how much He has loved and loves me!