Strategies Against Laziness

1. Make your bed. (And don’t forget about waking up promptly)
2. Less screen time. It’s so easy to pick up that phone or ipad every time you’re bored or lose your interest in what you should be doing, like work, studying, etc…
3. Shorter shower time. It is possible! How much time do you waste just enjoying the warm water….?
4. Keep your closets and drawers organized. Fold well what has to be folded and hang up well what has to be hung up. Stop throwing it on your bed, desk, floor, or just shoving it in the draw or closet.
5. Sleep with order. Have a time to sleep. Not 14 hours or only 2 hours. Have a set time for bed and try to stick to it. How many times do you feel lethargic and lazy the next day because you didn’t get enough sleep… for example, after you finished studying you stayed up watching youtube videos, checking out new pictures posted by your friends, texting…..
6. Pick things up. How many times have you walked by that piece of trash on the floor but you didn’t want to bend down to pick it up?
7. Put things in their spot. If you see something out of place, or on the floor, etc… put it in its spot, just don’t set it down somewhere else because you don’t feel like going to put it away where it actually belongs.
8. Organize your desk/study/work area. I know you keep saying you’ll do it tomorrow… but why don’t you just do it today?
9. Organize your junk drawer. You know, that draw that’s full of all those random items, or, a lot of times, just full of the items we were too lazy to actually go put where they belong.
10. Be responsible. This is a big one, just doing what you should be doing in every moment instead of letting yourself be dragged down by “I don’t feel like doing it right now”. Be faithful to this small (but gigantic) act of doing what you should in every moment (what God wants) and you will make great leaps and victories in your spiritual life. Yay!