Why Cut Back on Screen Time?

Let’s first contemplate these 3 words: slavery, attachment, and sin.

If you look the first two words up in the dictionary you’ll find something along the lines of the following:

Slave: one who is the property of and wholly subject to another. Bond servant. One entirely under the domination of some influence.

Slavery: bondage. A state of subjection like that of a slave. Servitude. Slavery emphasizes the idea of complete ownership and control by a master. Bondage indicate a state of subjection and captivity often involving burdensome and degrading labor.

Attachment: affection that binds one to another person or thing. Regard for something. Love, devotedness, devotion.
Attach: to bind by ties of affection or regard. Adhere, pertain, belong to.

Do any of these definitions give you light? Sometimes when we are attached to something, aka have a disordered affection or desire for something, we are usually in denial or at least defensive about giving up whatever it is that we are attached to.

Take your phone, iPad etc., for example. Do you have a constant and itching desire to always look to see who sent you something? Is it difficult for you to not use it? Do you have to have it with you all the time? … So who owns who here? Does your phone dominate you or do you dominate it? What a great phrase: Slavery emphasizes the idea of complete ownership and control by a master. Does your “screen” have control over you? You might defensively say “no, of course not”. But let me ask you again: Are you able to say “no” to looking at your phone, or would it be easy to not use your phone or internet for an entire month?

And then what about sin? How easy is it for all those screens to lead us into temptation and sin? That’s pretty clear, right? So think about it: Control…. Bondage… Disorder….Sin…. Who is your master? And who do you desire to be your master? Man cannot serve two masters, he will either love one and hate the other, or hate one and love the other….