Exercise against Laziness

Bend down: When you see something on the floor, bend down and pick it up. How many times have you already walked by it? Then, when you pick it up just don't set it down on the nearest counter, go put it in its spot.

Get up: When you're sitting down and you don't feel like getting up to either throw something away, put something in its spot or get something (a snack, the remote, your book to study, etc..), instead of asking someone else to do it or trying to make a three pointer into the trash with the crunched up Doritos bag…well, get up and do it yourself.

Choose the stairs: a little sacrifice but it is difficult for us sometimes. Montse Grases (in process of becoming a saint) when she was 15 years old already choose to make this sacrifice daily to offer out of love for Jesus and to fight against her laziness.  (Read more about Montse here)

Move faster: try doing everything a little faster: getting up in the morning, making your bed, getting ready/dressed, shower, chores, brushing your teeth.

Use those legs: instead of hoping in the car to go with your friends to the Dunkin Donuts that’s right down the street, why not walk? Yes, it’s not as comfortable as being in your air conditioned car, but don’t worry you won’t melt unless you’re the evil witch of the west.

Sit up: aka, no laying down. Instead of throwing yourself on the floor or on the sofa like you're about to take a nap, sit up. Laying down is for sleeping.

Remember these are little sacrifices to strengthen our will. If we are always giving into our body’s comforts and desires how are we going to say no when it comes to something sinful? But remember above all these sacrifices must come from love, love of God. That has to be the source and strength to do this little things. And when things are done out of love they’re done with joy!
"God loves a cheerful giver!”  2 Corinthians 9:7

hna kelai

My name is Sister Kelai Maria, I am a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother since 2007. I was born in Arizona (USA) but have also lived in Oregon, Alaska, Florida, Spain, and Ireland. I am a convert to the Catholic faith and found my vocation shortly after my conversion. Every day I thank Jesus that I am His and that I am a Servant Sister. All of eternity will not be enough to thank Him for saving me and for how much He has loved and loves me!