Star of the Sea

If you eliminate the sun that illuminates the world, daytime will cease to exist. If we eliminate Mary, the bright Star of the Sea, from the immense sea of our life how are we not going to end up in a heavy darkness and shadows of death? Don’t be afraid then to honor her and love her with all your heart. Her love is her Son’s, her heart is her Son’s. When we give her our love, when we give her our heart she automatically gives them to her Son.

“Love her and trust in her without limits.”-St. Maximillian Kolbe 

Which of His creatures did God love more? Or which brought more joy to His heart than our beautiful and ever Virgin Mother? Is there anyone that He created more beautiful, more pure, more wise, gentle, loving, strong, merciful, just, faithful, full of hope, patient, humble, and just plain amazingly wonderful!

If God Himself could call her the apple of his eye, why shouldn’t she be ours also?

Don’t be afraid to take her as your Mother, God himself desired before all time to take her as His!