Prayer: A Simple Conversation

It should be natural. A true conversation with who I love and who I know loves me. I should speak with the Lord simply, I can tell Him if I’m mediocre or lukewarm in my spiritual life, that I’m a sinner, that I want to return to Him and be very good, that I want to love Him more and do more things out of love for Him. I can tell Him if it’s hard for me to pray, that I have so many temptations but I want to be good and I need His help, that I want to be there with Him, that I want to pray, I want to get closer to Him, even if it’s a battle.

I can tell Him that I love Him, I can thank Him for so many things, ask Him for help to be better, tell Him I can’t do anything without Him, that I need Him, and I trust in Him. I can tell Him to take my heart and make it all His. I can tell Him I’m His so He can do with me whatever He wants.

Sometimes this conversation can be a simple gaze. Looking at Him, lovingly, and letting Him look at you. Asking Him to show you His heart, and letting him see yours. There was a man in the parish of the Cure of Ars who would go very early every morning to the Church, and he would stay there quite a long time looking at the tabernacle. One day the Cure of Ars asked Him what He did in his time there in the Church, and the man replied: “I look at Him and He looks at me.” When love has grown and matured, when two people know each other intimately, they can express themselves with just a gaze, and the other knows exactly what is in their heart. Plus, since God is God, He knows our hearts perfectly, and He is the only one who can ever know it perfectly.

Simply show Him the state of your soul. Sincerity. Simplicity. Don’t complicate things or try to paint them up to seem something they’re not. God sees our heart. Just say the things how they are. Speak to Him in a way that it is a sincere expression of the state of your soul. Love Him and open your heart to His love, the only love that can fill your heart.