Try these Resolutions

So how did those New Year resolutions go… have you lost those 10 pounds yet or hit the gym more? Ok, so maybe not so good? Why do we continually let ourselves be seduced by the bitterness of mediocrity? Wouldn’t you like to break that vicious cycle of starting something but never finishing it?

It has to be an act of your will, and the help of God’s grace, which you should ask for constantly. It should become your loving, trustful, and constant petition to Him. But we need to cooperate with grace and do our part. We can give a lot more than we think we can sometimes. Give Him everything, then… give Him a little more! You will be amazed at what He can do in your soul if we give without limits! Like the saints have said: “everything, my son, everything!”

Here are some other resolutions, besides giving up chocolate, that you can try this Lent! Throughout Lent we will publish more short articles to help you live these well.

1. Pray: have a set time for prayer every morning. 

2. Get a life.. a Liturgical life: Mass, daily if possible, and frequent Confession

3. Heart Control: be vigilant over your thoughts, desires, feelings… 

4. Love for the Immaculate: Love her and trust in her without limits!

5. Make my bed: (Even though you’re just going to mess it up again)

6. Stop being a lazy bum

7. Clean up my act: Be pure inside and out

8. The center of the universe? Think again.

9. Pig free zone: be clean and orderly

10. Put down the phone: withdrawals?

Be generous, and remember: the Lord loves a cheerful giver!