8 Ways to Make this a Great Summer

Summer is a time that most look forward to...and many times the end of summer comes and we haven't actually done anything with our time. This year make it a good summer with these 8 suggestions.

1. Serve others. Make a commitment to visit a nursing home or an elderly member of your parish or family once a week. People are lonely and appreciate you spending time with them…and it will help you learn to step out of your comfort zone.

2. Find a good book to read…Make time for something that will help learn more about your faith (Theology and Sanity), the life of a saint that you love or one that you know nothing about (e.g. Maximilian Kolbe or Chiara Luce), or something that will help you as a person (Truth Overruled). Make a daily time commitment so that you don’t leave the book for the end of the summer.

3. Daily Mass and rosary. You always say you don’t have time…this summer make time and see how it can change your life! When you make time for the most important—everything falls into place.

4. Fundraise for those in need. Lemonade stand. Babysitting. Or any other efforts to raise money for those in need.

5. Learn something new. It’s easy to be a lazy during summer. So learn to juggle, to sew, to skateboard, to cook, to play guitar, to write a blog or two for this website…Your options are endless.

6. Set a time limit on electronics (yes, including your phone) and stick to it. You are bigger than your iPad!

7. Family time. Go as a family on a hike, to a lake, to a river, to your backyard, on a rosary walk. Play outside together and talk. Do this one often and don’t forget that for your family to be a real family you have to spend quality time together.

8. Look for ways to do these things with your friends or others your age. This is a great way to grow as friends (plus it’s a big help in keeping faithful to your commitments!).