Learn to love and don't stress about it

Loving truly is loving with your will, not being carried away by feelings. Feelings come and go; they often deceive us. We cannot control them, and the devil takes advantage of this. A mature love is one that loves in spite of everything, not just when it feels it in the moment. Many times we may be tired, feel lazy or not feel like loving, but when you use your will to overcome that and you forget about yourself; that's when you're loving. There is no one who loves more than the one who forgets about him or herself and puts the other first.

We might complain that we do not find that person, we ask the Lord, "Give me a boyfriend/girlfriend who goes to daily Mass, prays the Rosary, goes to adoration, attractive, smart, hardworking, who treats me well..." Stop and reflect on what you're asking. First of all, have you asked the Lord what He wants of you? What is your path to holiness?

Second, analyze your lifestyle. Don't ask God for something that you're not giving Him. You ask for a boyfriend who is good to you, but how do you treat your neighbor? Someone that goes to Mass and prays, but how are you taking care of your spiritual life? Is the Eucharist the center of your life?

Ask the Lord to teach you to be that person He wants you to be. Let Him teach you to really love. Let Him prepare you. But above all say, "Lord, let your will be done, not mine." Don't stress over it. Our Lady has prepared this person for you, and She will present him or her to you when She sees you capable of loving him or her. Ask Her, "Mother, I want to be like you, to love like you. I place this in your hands."

Who is going to get you the best spouse if not Her? What do you think St. Joseph was like? Wouldn't the most beautiful and loving woman on earth have the most handsome and loving spouse? Stop worrying about what that person will be like. Leave it in her hands. Worry about learning to love. Love everyone and you will be capable of reciprocating when the moment arrives. "Mother, you will introduce me to my Saint Joseph when the time comes. Meanwhile, give me peace of mind and confidence."

This world needs holy couples and holy youth!


Hello! My name is Elvira Vaqué. I am from Valencia (Spain), and I am currently studying nursing. I entered as member of the Home of the Mother of the Youth in 2018. A few months earlier, I went on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, and the Lord changed my heart. Though I was raised Catholic, my faith was weak and I did not have a personal relationship with the Lord. Before, I considered the saints quite distant, belonging to the past and extinct. How stupid! We are all called to become saints, and that should be our goal. In our day to day, we should ceaselessly strive for holiness. I am very weak, and this is obviously not a walk in the park. Though it can be difficult and tiring at times, as someone once told me, “To love is to give of oneself...” How true! I often fall, but I know that the Lord is there to pick me up and help me. Now He is the one who guides my life. The Lord is so good, and He loves us so much! Pray for me, that the Lord may keep me faithful and give me strength, because if it all depended on me… bad news.