Educating Sexuality

It’s a shame that so many people limit sex education to supplying information about physiological functions and proper hygiene.  Of course these things are necessary but they’re not the most important.  Besides, they’re things that pretty much everyone already knows plenty about.

On the other hand, dominating our sexual impulses (which includes educating our desires, imagination, the way we look at others…) is a fundamental part of sexual education but is given little to no importance at all.  
Just like any bodily appetite, if we don’t educate our sexual impulses, we end up acting on a purely biological level.  Imagine the person who never learns to educate the way he eats or drinks, when or how to use the bathroom, etc.  Well, something similar would happen but in the sexual sphere, the consequences of which may even be worse.  

Our imagination and the way we look at others has to be “trained” so that we don’t view others as objects, but rather as persons.  If we break the inseparable link between sex and love, especially for young people and even children, we do grave harm.  It’s a perverse way of taking away their innocence and simplicity, so necessary at that stage in life.  

Just like drinking excessive amounts of alcohol makes a person dependent, the improper use of sexuality reduces our capacity to love.  Our imagination and desires go out of whack and we become incapable of dealing with others with the dignity they deserve.

It isn’t so much about suppressing our impulses as it is about knowing how to deal properly with our feelings.  It’s enough for our will to take action and reject that which we know is negative and not good for our affectivity.  It’s necessary for us to put an end to improper imaginations.  Our senses, our imagination, our intelligence and our will have to be educated so that they are at the service of our capacity to love, not use.  

If you make an effort to educate yourself in this area, you will eventually learn to treat your own body and others with proper dignity.  The end of all this is true joy and freedom in being able to give yourself entirely to the other.