Modesty & Decency

Two aspects of chastity are modesty and decency.  While chastity helps us to moderate our sexual impulses, modesty and decency help us to correctly direct our gazes, postures, clothes, conversations… all those things that are in relation with that sexual impulse. 

We all need to learn the difficult art of training ourselves to see each other in the correct way.  Why?  Because it’s the heart of living a chaste life.  I must make sure that the clothes I wear are appropriate, but I also need to be careful about the way I speak, the music I listen to, the movies I watch… making sure that those things don’t distort the true meaning of sexuality and the dignity of every person. 

Because of the influences of the world, we may find this really hard to put into practice.  Living chastely takes effort, but we should never get discouraged.  We aren’t alone in our struggles and the good God wants us to turn to Him for help.  “Lord, make me chaste…NOW!”