The solution is Chastity

So what solution, if any, can be given to young people?  If society assumes that all young people are unable to control their own bodies and sexual urges, they are in reality undermining their ability to make well-informed and responsible decisions by reducing them to mere animals.  So, are you going to continue to let yourself be insulted?

You are a person and can, therefore, know, seek, and desire truth, love, the good, and the beautiful.  Young people should be helped to pursue and seek all these things.  And when it comes to your sexuality, what we should be promoting is chastity.    

Chastity is the only way.

A good first question would be: what’s the purpose of my sexuality?  In the way that God intended, it can actually be a source of union, fulfillment, intimacy, and freedom.  More than what we do, it’s about who we are.  In the beginning, God created the human person “male and female.”  This complementarity of male and female is not just for the sake of procreation, but also so that a man and a woman can give themselves to each other in love.  This disinterested gift of self is at the core of what our understanding of sexuality should be.  As human persons, this invisible gift of love becomes a visible gift of the body, in the physical act of sex when it’s in the right (and only) context: matrimony. 

Chastity is a way of life.  It’s the way all of us are called to live our sexuality in whatever state of life we find ourselves: single, married, or consecrated.  We are all meant to have a pure heart and to maintain it.  We have to defend and protect it.  For a young, single person this involves abstinence.  Far from being passive, this requires a young person to put up a fight against one of its greatest opponents: concupiscence (inclination to sin; result of original sin). 

Chastity is a virtue that helps us direct the human sexual impulse in both its physical and affective aspects, towards charity.  It allows for true freedom, self-control and self-respect towards others, so that we see them not as objects but as persons.  Since chastity is a virtue, it gives great spiritual strength, inclines us to the good, makes us more integral persons, and causes us to feel disgust for what’s lustful (its contrary).