“I believe in love…”

Chastity is just that: believing in love.  Today, so many people have confused ideas about sexuality and it’s really no wonder.  Aren’t we being bombarded with false notions of it 24/7?  You can’t even drive down the highway or go to a McDonalds anymore without some kind of advertisement that includes at least something with sexual connotation.  It’s getting pretty ridiculous.  Why can’t someone go to the grocery store just to buy groceries and not have a gazillion magazines that are half pornographic thrown in their face? 

“The Christian vocation demands a pure and chaste lifestyle.”  And we know that nothing can be truer.  Yet, many of us are left wondering: is a pure and chaste lifestyle even possible now?  And the simple and truest answer is: Yes!  It is possible – so start believing it! 

To begin with, we should take comfort in the fact that we are not the first generation and will most likely not be the last generation that is surrounded by immorality of all sorts.  Understanding our own sexuality has been a challenge pretty much from the start.  Should you control your sexual impulses?  Or even before this question: can our impulses and desires even be controlled?  Our society doesn’t have any of this very clear at all.  Friends are confused, teachers are confused, and those who control the mass media would like to convince us that there is no need to “suppress” these desires or impulses.  Why should we worry when they say they can guarantee there’s a fix for every unforeseen “problem” which might occur in this realm?  Really?  Do we truly believe that?  We should wonder why there are still so many broken hearts and lives if contraception and abortion were supposed to solve these problems…

But it doesn’t stop there.  Even those with good intentions don’t have all their ideas straight.  How many people would agree that abstinence is the most effective way to help teens avoid or reduce their sexual risk-taking behavior, but simultaneously are convinced that it’s just unrealistic for young people to really live or practice it?  So, most will end up trying to convince us that it’s acceptable to provide “positive” information about contraception and condoms for those cases when young people do become sexually active.  However, countless studies have shown that contraception has not only failed to eliminate the problem of teen pregnancy and the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), but it has also, knowingly or not, promoted a promiscuous culture.  And if we keep thinking this way, as do even some so-called "good Christians," the vicious circle will only continue.   

Has anyone asked: why are we undermining young people’s ability to freely choose and live a healthy and chaste lifestyle in the first place?  It might sound crazy, but young people are more than just a bunch of uncontrollable hormones.  Every young person has been given the gift of intelligence and free will to be perfectly capable of forming healthy relationships, making good decisions, and properly taking care of his/her body.  Yes, many of us find ourselves weak, but shouldn’t we take hope in the God Who promises to strengthen us?