Joys of the Apostle

Dear Apostle,

The apostle knows many joys and blessings. “His grace He has lavished upon us” (Eph 1:7-8). It is a source of joy for him that the object of his love is served and showered with honors and glory. The more Jesus is loved, the happier he is; and it is a joy for him to meet and know of others who are generously living their life for God and His glory.

He has the joy of contributing to the salvation of many souls like his own, that could have lost the joy of heaven forever. He has the joy to console his God by bringing Him hearts that would have been eternally separated from Him. He rejoices with Jesus when He says: Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost! (Lk 15:6).Even His sufferings are a source of joy because he has been found worthy to suffer something for Christ. (Mt 5:10-12) The work he does makes his love grow and at the same time his joy and consolations also grow. He is filled with the Holy Spirit and it is a joy to feel His presence; he “knows Him, for He dwells with Him and will be with him” (Jn 14-17).

He is thankful that his Master has given him so many sources of help and grace.... The Eucharist, the sacraments, His Mother! He keeps her with him constantly and loves her as his Mother and his best friend. Her presence, her love, her mercy, and her prayers for him and the souls he wants to bring to her Son are a constant source of consolation and happiness for the apostle.

He rejoices because Jesus Christ has defeated this world and lives and reigns in victory forever at the right hand of His Father in Heaven with His angels and His saints. He knows that he is a child of God through his baptism and that his “name is written in Heaven” (Lk 10:20); and at the end of his earthly life, he is filled with an indescribable joy because the wedding feast of the Lamb has come! (Ap 19:7).

“I go towards you, you I have always loved, looked for, and always desired!” (St. Agnes at her martyrdom)