Brutal trials

The apostle should say: In the midst of my most intimate and brutal trials, in the deepest part of my soul there is joy, and even though my feelings do not accompany it, it is there and alive, and in spite of the agony I may be going through, I wouldn’t change it for all the human joys of this world.

St. Teresa of Avila put it very simply. She would say, “My soul is like the ocean. During a terrible storm the waters at the surface are turbulent and choppy, but in the depths of the ocean, at the ocean floor, there is calmness and peace.”

Only an ardent love that can never be shattered is capable of filling our existence with light, because love can expand our heart even in the midst of the greatest pains and the most overwhelming difficulties.

Don’t be afraid, young apostle, to open your heart to all that Christ wants to share with you. Don’t let your heart shrink or coward before His cross. If you love it and embrace it, you will soon discover that the cross is the gateway to His Heart, and in His Heart there is nothing to fear!