Spiritual Growth (Part III)

The life of an apostle is a life of prayer. The Cure of Ars said that our life of prayer is the greatest of all blessings in this world. The apostle must grow day by day in his prayer life. The foundation of his prayer life must be, first and foremost, the Mass - receiving his Lord in the Eucharist- as well as his time spent before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and the Rosary.

The rest of his day should be a continuation of these moments of prayer and a preparation for his next intimate encounter with his Lord. This “continuation” of prayer should start off as a constant, and many times renewed, effort to talk with Jesus and Mary throughout the day, to tell them you love them, to live the whole day out of love for them…..and it should grow and blossom into a constant dialogue and constant union with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, and Mary, Our Mother.

O Marvelous life, delightful union of the soul with his Lord! All of eternity seems too short to understand and enjoy this happiness. The life of prayer (interior life) is a waterfall of love that seeps into the soul and leaves it drowned in love. God takes the soul in His hands like a mother holds the head of her child between her hands as she brings him to herself so she can cover it with kisses and caresses.

Dear apostle, this is our goal as Christians and children of God. Even though we might feel small and incapable God will give us the grace to accomplish what He asks of us, but we must cooperate with that grace and be faithful to it. If we are, we will rejoice in His victory!