Spiritual Growth (Part II)

The true apostle is patient, prudent, tactful, and discreet, because he lives in Christ.

He lives in Christ, because he lives a Eucharistic life. This sacrament of love is his sacrament of joy. He lives of the love of God, loving Him and being loved by Him. A person who is not “Eucharistic”, in fact, cannot be a true apostle. The true apostle intimately savors this gift of God himself and rejoices in the sweetness of the presence of his Beloved, whom he possesses and adores.

And this Eucharistic life overflows in all aspects of his daily life… work, home, school, etc., because an apostle is called to have the same thoughts, the same feelings, the same criteria, and the same inclinations as his Teacher and Model. If he configures himself to Christ, he will be a living memory of Him, wherever he goes, whatever he does.

“Entering into the sentiments of Jesus: this should be our daily practice of living as Christians.”
 – Benedict XVI