6 things to have straight...

>How to Evangelize 101. 6 things to have straight...

If you want to evangelize, these are 6 important things to have straight in your spiritual life to avoid all tinge of "activism".

1. For your own good and the good of others your first priority has to be your spiritual life. It is your greatest occupation, your greatest need in this life. And because of this you have to constantly intensify your thirst and desire for the spiritual life. Do whatever necessary so that your desire doesn't turn sterile—for example by never taking action or changing the things you need to change. Be careful, Satan exploits this desire very skillfully, “chloroforming” souls, paralyzing them with fear and lethargy, so that they never move forward.

2. Don’t throw yourself at work or apostolates just because you are naturally attracted to it or because you have to be doing something always. Consult God (and your spiritual director) to make sure that what moves you to do this or that is actually His grace and His will, and not our own impulses and inclinations.

3. It is imprudent and dangerous to remain wrapped up and absorbed in excessive occupations and activities for long periods of time because these activities could leave your soul in a state of incompatibility for living the basic practices of your spiritual life. Or in simpler terms, “doing” too much can ruin your spiritual life.

4. Be vigilant against a life of out of control and excessive activity. Cut out, even sometimes drastically, these activities. Have a schedule and order that determines how you spend your time; talk about it and have it approved by your spiritual director.

5. When the soul finds itself with many occupations, but it is God’s will, usually out of obedience to one’s spiritual director, and it is impossible to fulfill all one’s spiritual commitments, the soul possess an infallible thermometer that will let it know if it is truly fervent. If the soul has true thirst and desires times of silence and prayer, and sincerely takes advantage of every moment it can find to unite itself with God and fulfill their basic commitments (prayer, mass, confession), not wasting their down-time, then that soul can be at peace that it is on a good path and God will give it the strength to go forward in their spiritual life.

6. As long as the active soul is not able to conserve their heart recollected and dependent on grace, they will always find their interior life in an insufficient state. To have your heart recollected, sometimes it is enough just a glance towards God, directing the gaze of our soul towards the one we love… It is a solid and penetrating gaze that even in the middle of our activity helps us continue in prayer and discern if we are acting how God wants.