Give Freely

How to Evangelize 101. Give Freely

God is infinite goodness, and goodness wants to give and make known to others the good that it possesses. Jesus’ life here on earth was a constant manifestation of this inexhaustible generosity. Jesus is the Divine sower who pours out over all the path treasures of love from a Heart that is yearning to draw all men towards Truth and Life.

Jesus Christ transmitted this flame of apostolate to the Church, gift of His love, diffusion of His life, expression of the Truth, reflection of His holiness. Aflame with this burning desire to bring others to the truth, the mystical spouse of Christ, His Church, continues throughout the centuries the work of apostolate of her Divine Teacher and Model.

God in His wisdom and providence has desired that man teach other men the way of salvation. Amazing! He has chosen us to be His poor instruments to collaborate with His work and His glory. We are poor, but He is all greatness. “You have not chosen me but it is I who have chosen you.” We have been chosen, each and every one by Him to go and bear fruit, and fruits of everlasting life… Fruits of salvation! Chosen to help to help bring souls to Him and to help others find Truth, Happiness and salvation, which can only be found in Him!

If God has given us something so great, why are we afraid to share it? If we have the light to find happiness shouldn’t we want to help others find what they have always been stumbling to find in the dark? In the midst of so much darkness why do we hesitate to share our light? Freely you have received…freely you should give. So many are waiting for your response…