Walk the Walk

How to Evangelize 101. Walk the Walk

We are called to be “people of works” not just people of empty words. And to be people of works we first have to be people of prayer. We have to give fruit…our prayer has to give fruit. Someone who gives fruit puts himself, without reserve, at the service of Christ, at the service of His Church… A true apostle will give all his abilities, talents, goods… all his time, all his love, all his life, and some will even give their blood out of love for their Divine Captain.

New needs come up in the world, and so do new dangers and new means of apostolate. But remember love is creative. An apostle who is rooted in his love for Christ and His Truth finds new ways to help and to bring others to Him because the Holy Spirit, who lives in his soul, moves him.

If I want to be moved by the Holy Spirit, I have to be careful not to drown out His voice. It’s not just about trying to be a “good person” that does “good” or “religious” things, but it’s about having a profound interior life, an intense intimate relationship with Christ. That is the only way our works and our zeal will be effective and the world and our environment will be fragranced with the Spirit of Christ. If we bring Him into our hearts and into our homes, he will gives us His unshakeable peace that, even in the midst of the hardest trials, will always be the steadfast companion of every faithful Christian.

“He who abides in me and I in him will bear much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

Be faithful, dear friend! We are called to great things! And He who has called us is faithful and will do great things through us if we let Him. Don’t be afraid to trust in Him without limits!