Spotlight: FOCUS Lentsanity

It looks like there are some people out there who are taking the New Evangelization through mass media in a serious way. 

This Lent our spotlight is on Jonathan Teixeira who is FOCUS' Manager of Online Campaigns. If you head over to Focus’ Lentsanity website you will find some hilarious but at the same time very helpful illustrated guides by Jonathan.

There is a great illustration of the 10 different ash types you can find on Ash Wednesday. It will make you laugh and probably say "I've seen that one before." We highly suggest seeing it on Ash Wednesday, it will make you laugh and take away a little of the hunger you are feeling.

If you seem to have forgotten, or just never knew, the norms for fasting and abstinence during Lent you can inform yourself through his great illustration. He even explains the Triduum for us! If you have no idea what the Triduum is, check out what he will show you- from what happened that day, to what you will see at Church if you go, to how to live the day and get the most out of it. Here’s an idea, make sure you check it out by Psalm Sunday so you are ready for the fast approaching three days. 

A personal favorite for the Mission3 group is his great explanation of Lectio Divina. Not only is it an illustrated explanation, but also you can download it, print it, and turn it into a small handy booklet that fits right into your bible to take with you to prayer. But it doesn't end there, you can even watch a video to see how put the booklet together. How can you turn something like that up?

If you want to live this Lenten season better than last year, check out these sources. And go as far as printing out the Lection Divina booklet, and start doing it everyday as a way to grow in your prayer life, and ultimately in your union with Christ this Lent. 

Thanks Jonathan. A great example of how to use the gifts God gave you to spread the Gospel and bring others to Christ.