Social Media Evangelization

St. Maximilian Kolbe had an idea, and from that idea he started a magazine that reached over thousands of souls. Blessed Father James Alberione, saw the power of mass media, and used the modern instruments of his time to evangelize. As a result, he reached souls with the Gospel message. Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen used national television to harness the message of God's love and got into the homes of thousands of Americans, and catechized them through the television set. And what they have started lives on. So one has to ask: “What am I doing with social media?" "What could I be doing with social media?"

With all the advances in technology, social media is really having a big play in communication throughout the world. It is neither good or bad, it all depends on how you use it. For someone who has a prayer life, and as a result, apostolic zeal, they will see social media as evangelization at their fingertips.

You will often hear the complaint that people are always on the internet, using their cell phones, checking out what is happening through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and any other social media network. Although this might be true, and we know that everything should be used in an orderly and controlled manner, what are you doing to help others realize that there is more to life than being “connected”?

Here is an idea, use what they feel they can’t get enough of and help them really think about higher ideals, about real Truth. Don’t just post your status and bits of information about other people on Facebook, or comment on the pictures you see of others on vacation; post something that can really help the others.

Follow a group or person on Facebook or Twitter who posts uplifting articles, pictures, or quotes. You can like their posts, share them or comment on them. In this way you do two things. You send a message of evangelization to others, and you support the Facebook page. You interact with the page, so Facebook is more likely to show their feeds to new people. The more interaction you give to a good Facebook or Twitter page, the easier it is for it to become better known. And you can start to reach more souls through your social networks.

Need good sources to follow on Facebook?
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