Interview with Catholic Gentleman's Sam Guzman

Could you introduce yourself? (Name, age, married or single, family…)
My name is Sam Guzman, and I’m 26 years old. I’m married to a wonderful woman, Laura, and I have two toddlers, ages two and a half and one. Being a husband and father is the great joy of my life. By day, I am Communications Director for Pro-Life Wisconsin.

How long have you been using mass media to evangelize? What led you to take part in this ministry/start this ministry? What are the objectives or purpose of this project?
I’ve been running Catholic Gentleman since the summer of 2013, so it’s been about a year and a half, though it seems much longer than that. 

I started the blog because I saw a lack of Catholic blogs and ministries aimed at men. I was also inspired by the extremely popular blog, The Art of Manliness. While I enjoy the site, the biggest problem with AoM is that it focuses only on natural virtues and has no religious context. I felt there was a need for a blog like AoM that helped revive traditional masculinity, but that also focused on supernatural virtue. Rather than the heroes being Teddy Roosevelt and Benjamin Franklin, our models of virtuous masculinity would be the army of thousands of manly saints the Church has given us.

The objective is to inspire men to embark on the rugged path of holiness. Too many men see the spiritual life as something unworthy of a real man. My goal is first to show men that the spiritual life always involves sacrifice, and that there is nothing more masculine that following Christ in embracing the cross. Second, I want to equip them with the spiritual weapons they need to fight for eternal life. Third, I hope to provide a sense of community and fraternity in a world that is so often fractured.

How does your relationship with Christ and the Blessed Mother affect your ministry?
My relationship with Jesus and Mary is foundational to what I do, and much of what I write about is based on my own spiritual life. There are many times when I can feel our Lord teaching me something very specific, and that lesson turns into my next blog post.

Beyond the practical aspect of blogging, however, I would be utterly lost without Jesus and Mary. As a convert to Catholicism, I can say that Jesus in the Eucharist is the greatest treasure imaginable. The goodness and mercy of our Lord know no bounds, and if I can inspire one person to love him more, it will be enough. Our Blessed Mother too is a great source of beauty and hope in my life. I love her more each day, and I hope to inspire men to be chivalrous knights in her service.

Have there been any challenges? And how have you overcome them?
Yes, there have been challenges. One of them is keeping up with the emails I receive! I like to answer each one if I can. Another challenge has been finding time to write. The evenings don’t work well, so I usually get up early in the morning to write my posts. That brings its own challenges, however, as I am anything but a morning person! I often re-read my posts later in the day and find a lot of typos. Fortunately, people are usually forgiving.

Based on the experience you have since working in this ministry what is some advice that you can give to the youth/young adults?
My biggest piece of advice would be to reject the counterfeit happiness the world offers and follow Christ with all your heart. He alone can bring us lasting joy. Everything else will disappoint.

Beyond that, I would encourage youth to explore and embrace the rich traditions of our Catholic faith. The culture tells us only what is new and cutting edge has any value—but this is not the Catholic way. As Catholics, we believe in tradition, and we have an overwhelmingly rich treasury of saints, spiritual writings, and devotional practices to draw from. Embracing tradition isn’t nostalgia—these traditions are alive and powerful, and embracing them can transform our spiritual lives for the better. In short, reject fads and embrace tradition!

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