Be yourself

“Be yourself.” You might have heard this saying before. It’s normal for people in the world to think this means creating your person or identity and doing whatever you want and thus be happy.

Well, for a follower of Christ like you, that’s a mistake! Your first and primary identity is your identity as a child of God because He created you, He saves you constantly through the sacrament of confession and He strengthens you through prayer and the Eucharist. This is because your ultimate goal is Heaven, glory in his presence.

Reflecting on this fact each day should be a source of encouragement and hope. There are sad and ugly things in this world. Yet with God’s grace, you receive the true meaning of your life from Him, as well as hope and trust. These things allow you to delve into faith and love. And the good and beautiful things exist thanks to God. Thank You, God!

I want to encourage you to be yourself as a child of God. That way, you admit that you are nothing, but God, your Father is infinite in mercy. He never leaves you. Be faithful to Him and be yourself!

- Sr. Christine Japzon, SHM